Why should we keep our body free of toxins?

¿Por qué hay que mantener nuestro cuerpo libre de toxinas?

There are many organs that fulfill an important mission, the elimination of toxins. Although they perform their duties to the best of their ability, on many occasions their workload overwhelms them. This as a result of excesses in incorrect foods, drinks, medications, pollution, free radicals and much more.

The problem begins when the amount of toxins in the body exceeds the capacity of these organs to eliminate them, which causes us to begin to experience the annoying symptoms of toxin accumulation:

  • Feeling tired frequently
  • Weight gain
  • Problems going to the bathroom
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems
  • Bad breath
  • Accumulation at abdominal level

To name just a few of the signs.

Now, what can we do to help our body so that annoying toxins do not accumulate?

1- Choose a more appropriate diet. The one where there are healthy fats, high-quality proteins and carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits, that is, we eliminate gluten and sugar.

2- Keep our mind calm . Many times we do not associate it, however emotions have a direct relationship with our levels of health. That is why it is also important to do an emotional detox.

3- Carry out sports training. Sport is essential for the elimination of toxins. In addition to reducing oxidative stress, sweating helps us discharge pollutants more effectively.

4- Pay close attention to your skin. To help evacuate toxins, it must be carefully exfoliated and hydrated.

5- Includes detoxification options. Nowadays there are various alternatives that you can do at home or in medical centers, which will help you eliminate the different types of toxins accumulated in your body.

Remember, a body free of toxins will always perform better and you will be able to enjoy comprehensive well-being.


La inflamación es una parte natural y necesaria del proceso de curación del cuerpo. Cuando nos lesionamos o sufrimos una infección, el sistema inmunológico desencadena una respuesta inflamatoria para reparar el daño y combatir los patógenos invasores.
El estrés es una parte inevitable de la vida moderna. Ya sea debido a las presiones laborales, las responsabilidades familiares o las preocupaciones financieras, todos experimentamos estrés en algún momento. 
Its main function is to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy used by our cells to carry out a variety of biological functions, from muscle contraction to protein synthesis and cellular communication.