Shipping Policy

At Adaptoheal, we take care of every detail, seeking to make your experience pleasant and as simple as possible, which is why we ask you to read the following shipping information in detail.

To ship our products, we work with different leading packaging companies.

Orders may be delayed during periods of high demand such as Black Friday, Christmas, in the presence of a special discount or due to problems such as carrier stoppages.

The distribution of orders is carried out on business days and during the day, specific times cannot be established for deliveries, since the shipping company establishes logistics according to the delivery area.

Everything related to orders is manageable through our website.

It is important that when placing an order you check in detail that the information provided is correct, also indicating a delivery address where you will be available during the day and a telephone number where the shipping company can contact you.

If the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, we cannot guarantee that it can be adjusted in time before the order is prepared and shipped. If the order is delivered to the incorrect address provided by the customer, we will not be able to prepare a new order or manage a return.

When an order is placed and the product is out of stock, the customer service department contacts you via WhatsApp or email to resolve the situation.

The client will be responsible for any additional expenses generated by the order, such as customs management, taxes, fees and council fees. These expenses are not calculated by the platform at the time of placing the order.

Gifts are subject to availability and stock, in cases in which shipping has to be made without a gift due to lack of availability, subsequent claims by the customer do not apply. Gifts are also taxed and must be invoiced.

When a shipment is issued again, expenses related to unloading, storage, loading and forwarding are generated, which is why the client will be responsible for the costs if the situation is due to an error in their request. It is important to pay attention to the data provided when making the purchase, especially to the chosen address, since this largely guarantees the provision of good, effective and fast service.

A maximum of two delivery attempts will be made by the transport company. If this cannot be done successfully, the customer must be responsible for the costs related to the return.

In the event that the customer does not receive the order and it is returned as a consequence, the customer will be responsible for the fees corresponding to its return.

In case of:

  • Refund due to policies regarding prohibition or restriction of products.
  • Incorrect shipping address
  • Refusal to pay customs fees or acceptance of the order
  • No one available to receive the order

The following return and refund policies must be taken into account.

Returns and refunds

General policies

It is important for us to offer you a quality product, therefore, in case of returns we only accept those products that are unopened with both security seals intact, so to receive a refund, the products must be unused and closed.

Products valid for refund are those paid by the customer; gift or promotional products cannot be exchanged or returned.

In the event of a return without justified cause or rejection of products, you should know that returns are processed once we physically have the returned product in our warehouse with the respective security seals. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer, including the payment of the initial shipping cost.

To start the return process, the customer must write to, detailing name, surname, order number and the reason why they want to make the return.

In all cases of returns, the right is reserved to refund money from the same payment system, the delivery of a voucher or coupon for the corresponding amount with an expiration of 12 months.

It is up to the customer to assume responsibility for additional charges such as storage or return postage.

In the event that the return applies for refund, the amount to be refunded will be the result of the initial payment, discounting the round trip transport routes (in case both are covered by us), customs fees (if applicable) and €2.5 for return management. If the costs of returning an order are greater than the amount that must be refunded, the carrier will be informed that the product has been abandoned, which means that the customer will not receive a refund.

No refunds are made for orders seized by customs. Adaptogen Synergy SL is not responsible for packages rejected or detained by customs.

There are many country-specific laws, regulations and restrictions that may affect our ability to ship your order and your ability to receive it.

We recommend that you contact the customs office to understand what regulations and restrictions may apply to the items you are ordering. Local customs agents may delay your order or refuse delivery in accordance with local laws.

When you want to return an order, you must keep in mind that the money refund is not processed until we have received the product again and verified its correct condition.

There are different return cases, we explain each one.

Due to withdrawal of contract

Products that are in perfect condition and with unopened seals can be returned.

The period to do so is a maximum of 15 days. For the process you must write to the email

  • National refund expense: it is deducted from the refund that must be made.
  • International return expense: it is valued depending on the destination and is deducted from the refund.

Product in poor condition or defective

The costs corresponding to the collection are borne by Adaptoheal, accepting only those that arrive within a period of 15 days from the time the product has been received by the client.

A free collection order is placed and once the poor condition of the product is verified, it is returned.

In the case of accessories, accessories or physical material, only the damage that prevents the use and enjoyment of the product due to lack of functionality will be understood as damage, with the rest of the damage being considered minor according to the guarantee law of the European Community.

Wrong product sent by Adaptoheal

Since it was our error, we assume the collection costs, however, it must be taken into account that the product must be in good condition, unopened, with the security seals in place and this type of return is accepted within a maximum period of 15 days from when the product has been received by the customer.

Product change

The costs of shipping the product to our facilities and the costs of new shipment of the product are borne by the customer. This type of return is valid within a maximum period of 15 days from when the product has been received by the customer.